Flow assurance

The Flow assurance is the reliability of oil or gas production and its flow in pipelines and its delivery to the buyer. Flow assurance Engineering has a very widespread network of expert in oil and gas engineering. In addition to transient multi-phase modeling and simulation networks, flow assurance uses in relation with many solid sediments such as gas hydrates, asphaltene, waxes, etc. Therefore, the incorrect or incomplete consequences of flow assurance can be very costly with serious damage to the environment and industry. On the other hand, incorrect engineering  of flow assurance in relation to sediments can block wells or transmission pipes  completely and create many costs.

Surge analysis

When a fluid is flowing in a closed path, or if there is an acceleration or deceleration in the flow velocity, the Water Hammer will be observed, which it causes additional pressures, sound, vacuum and vibrations in the fluid transfer system. Because the analysis of this phenomenon in fluid transmission lines is a new topic, engineers usually ignore its calculation due to lack of knowledge, which causes the destruction of pipes and damage to the transmission system and instrumentation on the line. The research institute can provide surge analysis for water, oil pipelines ,…

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