Calibration of water meters

Volumetric meters (ultrasonic, electromagnetic, WI, etc.) and household water meters (multi-jet, ultrasonic, etc.) calibration, can be performed by volumetric and gravimetric methods as well as using master meters.

Calibration of non-water meters

Calibration of master meters, custody transfer and process flowmeters, including various types of Coriolis, turbine, positive displacement, eddy current, ultrasonic, rotameter and etc. can be done.

Flowmeter calibration:

MethodRange Pipe DiameterAccuracy
Gravimetric method220 t/hUp to 10’’0.05 %
Prover tank3000 lpmUp to 10’’0.05 %
Gravimetric master meter0-545 t/hUp to 10’’0.05 %
Volumetric master meter5-1200 lpmUp to 10’’0.05 %

prover calibration:

Calibration of standard containers2500 Lit0.05%
Waterdraw15000 Lit0.05%

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