Diaphragm meter

This meter measures the amount of passing gas by moving the diaphragm in chambers with a certain volume and counting the number of times the chamber is filled and emptied. It is common to use this meter to measure subscribers gas for domestic use.

The standards used to design diaphragm meters are the international standard EN1359 and also the standard of IGS-M-IN-101 of the National Iranian Gas Company entitled “Diaphragm type gas meter”. This product has several manufacturers in the country, some of which have used the existing experience to produce a new generation of diaphragm meters with pressure and temperature correctors. Due to the widespread use of these meters and the importance of accurate measurement of gas consumption in the domestic sector, in the laboratory network in the country, it is possible to calibrate this meter in the capacity range of G1.6 to G100.








Turbine meter

Turbine gas meters indirectly measure the volume flow rate of the gas when the rotor is exposed to the gas flow by transferring the rotor rotation to the counter. A gas turbine meter is essentially a device that converts the kinetic energy of a moving gas into rotational energy. At a certain current Q, the turbine meter rotor rotates at an angular velocity ω.

Turbine meters are designed based on the international standards AGA7, EN12261 and also the standard IGS-M-IN-102 of the National Iranian Gas Company as “turbine type gas meter”. In the laboratory network of the country, atmospheric calibration of turbine meters in the range of G40 to G10000 is possible. This calibration is based on the standard IGS-C-IN-503 (0) of the National Iranian Gas Company entitled “Calibration of natural gas turbine meters for commercial and industrial use in atmospheric conditions.”

Gas correction device

Rectifiers are used to convert volumetric flow measured at operating temperature and pressure to volumetric flow under standard conditions. These devices consist of a calculator and temperature converter or a calculator, temperature converter and pressure converter that are installed locally. The standards of EN 12405 and also the standard of IGS-M-IN-106 of the National Iranian Gas Company entitled “Electronic device for correcting the volume of gas metering gas” are used for the design and calibration of this equipment.

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