About us

Given that Iran has huge oil and gas reserves in the world and the fact that is facing a serious water crisis. The discussion of measurement systems is of particular importance. Due to the gaps in the field of measurement in various industries such as oil, gas, refining, petrochemical and water and wastewater, the need to improve this knowledge in various industries is strongly felt. In order to upgrade the measurement systems in the country, the Oil, Gas and Product Metering Research Group of Iran University of Science and Technology started in 2009 with the participation of university and industry elites with the aim of helping to upgrade and improve the status of quantitative and qualitative hydrocarbon fluid measurement systems in the country. In 1390, the institute was able to obtain an activity license from the Ministry of Oil as the only active metering center in the country. Due to the need for accurate, continuous, safe and economical measurement of fluid flow and access to technical knowledge of flowmeters in the country, the Deputy Minister of Engineering, Research and Technology of the Ministry of Oil, in collaboration with the University of Science and Technology to establish an intelligent gas measurement institute in January 2015 Have. On the other hand, the existence of requests from other departments, including the Ministry of Energy for water measurement, caused the activities in the form of the Flow Measurement Research Institute to continue with the approval of the Board of Trustees of the University of Science and Technology since 1396. The main purpose of establishing a research institute is to draw a vision, present strategies, formulate short-term, medium-term and long-term plans for accurate, continuous, safe and economical measurement of fluids in various industries.

Flow measurement research center, according to its past history, has the possibility of providing consulting and implementation of metering-related projects in the country and operates in the following areas:
  • ISO, ASTM, IP, IGS, IPS, API standards in the field of oil, gas, petrochemical & oil products and water measurement
  • Transportation and loading of oil, gas and products
  • Dynamic and static methods of oil, gas and product measurement
  • Design of metering stations
  • sampling systems of Crude oil
  • Design and construction of single-phase and multi-phase flow measurement systems
  • Proving and calibration of liquid, gas and multiphase metering equipment
  • Smartization of equipment,, data transfer, monitoring, data analysis ,Consulting on the purchase, installation and commissioning of metering equipment