Iran international Standards Organization, in order to organize the participation of stakeholders, relevant groups and experts in the development of international standards of standardization organizations, intend to form and improve the structure of the corresponding technical committees to preserve national interests and provide scientific opinions in the field. Therefore, due to the specialization of standardization in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISIRI/ISO/TC30 Technical Committee corresponding to the ISO/TC30 Technical Committee entitled “Measuring flow in enclosed spaces” in order to renew and improve the structure, invites the country experts to cooperate with the organization. If you wish to cooperate, complete the membership form by reviewing the contents and send it to the email address

Roles and duties of members:

After the establishment of the corresponding technical committee consisting of relevant stakeholders, the members of the committee have an important role in international participation by preserving and commenting on the documents and draft international standards, while preserving national interests.

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How to join:

Please download the membership form here and the mentioned items must be manually signed by the person and send to the postal address: Tehran, Resalat Square, Hengam St., University of Science and ,Technology, Fluid Flow Measurement Research Center the postal code 1684613114.

The subcommittees of the ISO/TC30 Technical Committee are as follows: