Current meter

A flowmeter is a device used to measure the speed of water. This tool achieves water velocity by relating it to the number of revolutions measured at a given time interval.

For meteorology and hydrometry, vane series rollers are more useful. Blade rollers are suitable for measuring high speeds. There is a linear relationship between water velocity (v) and the number of revolutions of the roller shaft (n), which is as follows:

V = a + bn

b: The hydraulic step of the flowmeter impeller (meter per round) obtained by the chariot test on the channel.

n: Impeller rotation (rpm)

a: Flowmeter constant (meters per second) obtained by the chariot movement test on the channel.


Current Meter Calibration and Certification

IrIFM provides calibration and certification services for Mechanical Current Meters. Periodic calibration ensures reliability of measured data. Certificates help you in your QA processes and ensure traceability and auditable documentation. Contact us to calibrate Current meter.