Portable flowmeter – measuring the flow of gases



Principles of measurement:

To measure the fluid flow in the tube, the ultrasonic signals operate using the passage time difference, the ultrasonic signals being output by a transducer mounted on the tube and received by the second transducer. These signals flow alternately in the direction of the flow and in the opposite direction of the flow. The transmission time of ultrasonic signals in the direction of the flow is shorter than in the opposite direction. The difference in transmission time is measured and allows the flowmeter to measure the average flow rate. Along the path of propagation of ultrasonic signals. A flow profile correction is then performed to obtain the average flow rate, which is proportional to the volumetric flow rate.

Two integrated microprocessors control the entire measurement process. This allows the flowmeter to eliminate annoying signals and control any incoming ultrasonic waves for validation to reduce noise.

Portable flowmeter – measuring fluid flow

Common applications:

Application in water and wastewater industry:

Conventional and nuclear industries

Chemical processing industries and other industries

The air conditioning industry