Iran CFD Expert Center

Iran CFD Expert Center has started its activity since 2005 in order to solve practical and fundamental problems related to computational fluid dynamics in industrial sectors, research centers, commercial centers, knowledge-based companies, etc. Consistency in promoting the culture of using the results of CFD academic activities in the industry, carrying out industrial projects, holding courses and short-term training workshops are among the goals of this center.

  • Identifying industrial process bottlenecks and solving them by employing first-rate experts
  • Simulation of process equipment of various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical and refining industries, chemical industries, power plants and energy
  • Study, review and optimization with the approach of improving the efficiency of chemical processes, process flows and dynamic analysis related to multiphase flows, flow in turbomachines, fluids with complex behaviors (Complex Fluids), combustion and…
  • Simulation and design of cooling and heating systems and air conditioning systems of commercial, office and residential buildings and places
  • Development of software codes related to CFD with special applications
  • Simulation of the effect of operational parameters on equipment with complex geometry or process
  • Design or redesign process equipment
  • Upgrading and improving the quantitative and qualitative measurement systems of water and hydrocarbon fluids in the oil, gas, refining and
  • petrochemical industries.
  • Simulation, construction and testing of industrial and multiphase flowmeters
    production of smart fluids (nanocoolant, magnetic nanofluids, magnetorheological fluids, electrorheological fluids)
  • Simulating and manufacturing smart equipment such as damper and magnetorheological valve



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