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Answer: The supply of the SIM card is the responsibility of the provincial regional water, and if the provincial regional water refuses to supply, the meter maker can supply it and then transfer it to the name of the provincial regional water. The SIM card will be charged and will be transferred to the provincial regional water from the second year.

Answer: The supply is with the manufacturer and currently the supply of Sam card is evaluated according to the technical specifications of water resources management, but the use of mifare and the creation of a security protocol is mandatory.

Answer: Supply and implementation is the responsibility of the manufacturer and the manufacturer is required to provide a reading device and insert in the card.

Answer: It is suggested that it be seen as a slot and modular at the moment, and the manufacturer is responsible for preparing the hardware and implementing the software. Testing through the simulator software and hardware of the M-bus converter, which is connected to the meter on one side and to the computer system on the other, and should be checked by a simulator module from the smart electricity meter company, such as Azma software, Behinesazan, Toos Fuses and… supply and by obtaining data communication model and coordination of research and development unit between the two companies to implement.

Answer: Communication protocols At present, each company implements its communication protocol uniquely, and it is important to establish a sender-receiver communication and determine the desired registers that both parties have the same perception, but it is intended to unify the integrated protocol. It is not possible at the moment.

Answer: Every company is required to implement cryptography according to a valid standard. It is worth mentioning that in the final documents of the smart meter, the standard documents used must be announced.

Answer: At the moment, there is no need for a special register and there is no problem in this regard, and the telecommunications company does not discuss the registry, and in the past, the reason for blocking was due to sending bulk text messages in the past, but this problem has now been resolved.

Answer: All I/O systems are sealed, including the optical port, and it is not legally possible to make any changes to the system hardware and software after shutdown.

Answer: According to the table below, the announced sizes of agricultural wells are:
Size class (inches)
Low sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 4
Top sizes 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12
Due to the fact that the approval is issued with a lower or upper class clause, the meter manufacturing companies are obliged to produce at least 20 final samples of each size in each of the classes that they wish to evaluate. It is worth mentioning that the companies that request the renewal of the approval will sample the production line, and the company is required to have at least 20 meters of all announced sizes.

The contract has three signatures, the builder, the research institute and the university. Whatever governs the other contracts also governs this contract.

The equivalent of the constructive deposit of goods and services will be issued by the university. In this invoice, the economic code and national ID of the university are mentioned.

The university has a workshop code and takes insurance accounts for all projects. The same will be done for this contract.

SIM card modules available in the market in Idle mode are able to wake up when receiving a message, and in this case have a power consumption of about 1m. This amount is approximately equal to the power consumption of a processor board. Therefore, in order to make the best use of the battery, the modem can read the messages sent by the server after sending daily values by referring to its Inbox and apply them if necessary.

The water meter records the occurrence of any event exceeding the allowable consumption volume. The electricity meter, after reading the status of the water meter and informing about the occurrence of the desired event, issues a relay shutdown command, and if there is an external relay in the electrical panel, the shutdown command will be performed by the water meter. The electricity meter, after executing the cut-off command, records this event along with the time label in the water meter.

In this case, it is not necessary, but the monitor used must have the appropriate size and resolution and be proportional to the size of the meter. Therefore, the size of 1.3 inches can be declared the minimum acceptable size.

To estimate the battery life, it is necessary to activate all the items in the main function of the smart meter and to include them in proportion to the period of their operation during the test.

for example:

  • Send data by keeping the modem on for 3 minutes (once a day)
  • Keep the LCD on to see the values by the user once a day
  • RS485 operation (4 times a year)
  • Optical port operation (4 times a year)
  • RFID function (4 times a year)

The current consumption of the mentioned items in addition to the normal current consumption of the meter (without the operation of the mentioned items) will determine the amount of battery consumption and based on it, the duration of resistance will be determined.

In the seventh chapter of the technical specifications and in sections 2-8 are explained

It must be supplied by the manufacturer itself, either through manufacturing or production from domestic or foreign sources.

All exchanges between the central system and the water meter must be encrypted using the AES128 algorithm in order to control access and prevent unauthorized access. In AES there is only one (Master key) from which all “round keys” (Round key) are made, according to a complex inverted algorithm. In 128-AES, the key length is 128 bits and the number of rounds is ten, so ten more subkeys must be made from the master key. operational key is one of the round keys that is made from the master key.

Two passwords used at access levels that are encrypted by the SHA-256 algorithm. The manual reader with access level of one secret key 1 will have access to all settings except passwords and with the access level of two secret key 2 will have access to all parameters.

It is determined according to the needs of the employer.