Conference Secretary: Dr. Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi

Faculty member of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology

Conference Secretary Message

Undoubtedly, measurement is one of the most important topics in engineering that has gained special importance in the oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries today. For optimal control of processes as well as sales of oil, gas and petroleum products, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of fluid flow. Our country, with its rich oil and gas resources in the world, is one of the influential countries in determining the global equations of supply and demand for these valuable products. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly study the issues related to measurement and calibration in the country and to identify and use the latest technologies in the world. Of course, we have to accept the fact that the issue of measurement and calibration, despite its importance, has unfortunately not been considered as professionally as it should be.

The Fourth National Conference on Fluid Flow Measurement in the Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical and Water Industries has a special and specialized view on this issue both technically, educationally and in terms of research. In this conference, it has been tried to have all relevant and influential individuals and companies in this category. In this conference, in addition to keynote speeches and specialized meetings, other sections, including a specialized exhibition to introduce the capabilities and facilities of companies and various departments in the field of measurement and measuring equipment, presenting research papers in the field of conference and appreciation One of the chosen and pioneers in this field has been planned. This conference, which is the largest gathering of managers, officials and related people in the field of measurement and measuring equipment in the country and also in the region, aims to share ideas and exchange experiences, training and awareness of relevant people, close interaction of individuals, companies and organizations Considers relevant and familiarity with the problems in this area and discuss possible solutions to solve them, as well as the horizon of new measurement technologies.

We believe that this conference is the beginning, the end of which will solve a significant part of the country’s problems in this specialized field, the economic importance of which is not hidden from anyone. Therefore, in order to improve the scientific level of this conference, I ask all those interested in the subject, especially people with experience in industry, professors and researchers of universities and research centers to help us with their valuable points of view, give lectures and present articles.

Hope to see you at this conference, December 17 and 18, 2016 Iran University of Science and Technology

Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi

conference Secretary