Learn more about Flow Measurement Research Center

Flow Measurement Research Center of Iran University of Science and Technology with the collective participation of professors from universities in the country, active in research work related to quantitative measurement of hydrocarbons and also people with experience in this field and active in industry was able to receive an activity license from the oil Ministry in 1390. which is the only approved active hub in the country.

Due to its past history, this research group has the possibility of providing consulting and implementation of metering related projects in the country and operates in the following areas:

  • ISO, ASTM, IP, IGS, IPS, API standards in the field of oil, gas and product measurement
  • Transportation and loading of oil, gas and products
  • Dynamic and static methods of oil, gas and product measurement (coastal reservoirs / tanker – metering and 3)
  • Design of metering stations
  • Crude oil sampling systems
  • Design of multiphase metering systems
  • Proving and calibration of liquid, gas and biphasic measuring equipment