There are many systems and devices that are complex to build. In flow simulations with the CFD method, all the details of the flow as well as the flow detection can be covered, which is almost impossible using other methods. By using CFD, sufficient insight and more knowledge can be achieved in the designed system or device. Since the CFD simulator predicts flow behavior, by changing the geometric or physical variables, the results can be predicted using this method and the working method can be improved. Therefore, in a short time and without building sample systems or devices, the efficiency of the new design can be realized and by using the simulation approach, the design can be done more accurately and quickly. Faster and more accurate design reduces design cycle time, resulting in time and cost savings. Due to the importance of simulation, the Flow Measurement Research Institute uses the capabilities and facilities of the simulation environment to solve problems in the field of measurement with the help of experts in this field and the hardware facilities in the simulation laboratory of measurement and calibration systems.


Available services

Chemical, oil and gas industries

·       CFD simulation of process equipment of different industries such as oil, gas, refining and petrochemical, food, polymer, paper, textile

·       Process flows and dynamics related to multiphase flow

·       Solve free surface problems dynamically, especially for problems involving phase change, chemical reactions, and combustion.

·       Simulation of reactors, heat exchangers, furnaces, separators, transmission lines, rotary machines, etc.

energy and Environment

·       Modeling of solar panels, wind turbines and equipment related to renewable energy systems

·       Design and simulation of fossil, solar, wind and hydro power plants

·       Provide solutions to reduce energy consumption in residential, commercial and industrial buildings


·       Simulate the distribution of pollutants and hazardous materials in refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, chemical industries and provide optimal designs

·       Optimal location of fire and smoke detectors (F&G)

Training and consulting

·       Organizing general and specialized workshops on the application of CFD in various industries

·       Training of various commercial CFD simulation software including ANSYS FLUENT, COMSOL, OPENFOAM and etc.

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