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Agricultural well smart meters

The national project of water resources rehabilitation and balancing plan is highly emphasized by the Ministry of Energy and the serving government. This project actually pays special attention to groundwater resources, especially groundwater in our beloved country. Water resources are basically one of the most important factors in meeting the living needs of our compatriots in all parts of the vast plateau of Iran.

Design documents including PCB schematic of hardware and software source code will not be required and only certificates, approvals and results of previous tests, certification of wells, bench test as well as production, packaging and installation process documentation and support services are considered.

Before performing the battery test, some performance tests are done, and after ensuring that all the necessary modules are active, the test is performed and then samples are controlled 24 hours at the research institute in a practical and real way to measure the battery resilience. 

In performing the accuracy test, except for the number displayed on the stability display at the zero offset point, the ability to display the emptiness of the pipe, display and measure zero flowmeter, as well as the accuracy test at 5 to 6 points in the range Qmin to Qmax declared and with R = 25 is considered.
Qmin is in accordance with the table provided by Water Resources Management.